Chuck Liddell: I Could Beat Mike Tyson in A Street Fight

The former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell is confident that he could take on the boxing legend Mike Tyson in a street fight – without rules and a referee. UFC veteran was in a chatting with Ed Mylett on Fighting Is The Reward where he revealed this tidbit.

Chuck Liddell did not underestimate Mike Tyson’s striking capabilities at all – he is aware that the 55-year-old boxer is an absolute powerhouse. However, in a street fight, Liddell believes Tyson needs more than that.

“In a street fight, I’d win. I mean, he’s got a puncher’s chance. He’s got a chance to catch me coming in. But other than that, it’s over,” Chuck Liddell said in confidence.

Both Chuck Liddell and Mike Tyson have retired from combat sports. Liddell returned from his first retirement in 2018 to fight his old rival, Tito Ortiz, in their trilogy fight. The Ice Man lost the fight via knockout in the first round and went to announce his second retirement in 2020. As for Iron Mike, the 55-year-old announced his retirement in 2005. Tyson got into tremendous shape and boxed against Roy Jones Jr back in 2020.

So far, in his professional career, Chuck Liddell has fought 30 times with 21 wins and 9 losses.

The Baddest Man on The Planet has confirmed his plans to return to the ring. He also  expressed his interest in fighting the popular YouTuber, Logan Paul.