Chuck Liddell extends MMA challenge to Jake Paul after PFL signing

Former UFC champion Chuck Liddell keeps saying he wants to face YouTuber turned boxer Jake Paul. Despite retiring from the sport, Liddell is still regarded as one of the most recognizable UFC champions in history, famous for his brutal knockouts while holding the light heavyweight championship.

Chuck Liddell, has had a challenging post-retirement journey. He originally gave up boxing but made a short comeback to the ring to face Tito Ortiz again. Sadly, his return resulted in a knockout loss. Since then, Liddell has debated getting into additional bouts. He recently challenged Jake Paul as well.

In a recent interview with InsideFighting, Liddell again called out Paul. He said that he would be eager to challenge the young boxer to an MMA bout, but he doubts Paul would consent to the contest.

Liddell said: “He doesn’t want to fight me in MMA. He doesn’t want to fight me at all. I’m retired man, I’m 53. But again, he’s got no chance.”

Despite having left the sport, Liddell made it plain that he would consider competing with Paul if the contract and compensation were provided. Liddell also noted that Paul could have his eyes set on bouts with Nate Diaz or other opponents, and that the fans might not be interested in this contest.

The possibility of a match between Chuck Liddell and Jake Paul is still up in the air. One thing is for certain: the MMA community is always seeking for exciting contests to witness.

Liddell is 53 years old and has been retired for some time. Some people have questioned whether he still has what it takes to compete and have questioned his mental health.

In contrast, Paul is a rising star in the world of boxing who has an increasing number of wins to his credit. A young and skilled boxer like Paul would be a huge test for Liddell, and it is unclear if he would be able to match Paul’s speed and ability in combat.

There’s also the question of if an athletic commission would even sanction that bout.