Chris Weidman Believes Anderson Silva Should Be Next for Jake Paul

Jake Paul is targeting a legitimate boxer for his next fight – former champion Julio Ceasar Chavez Jr.

Chavez Jr is currently 35 years old and had held the middleweight title from 2011 to 2012. Chavez Jr has 61 professional fight including 53 wins and 6 losses. While you might think this sounds perfectly viable – we must remind you there’s a reason why Paul’s targeting him over any other boxer. Chavez Jr had lost to Anderson Silva back in Jun of 2021.

But unlike Paul’s previous victims – Chavez Jr knows his worth. Chavez was reportedly offered 3 million plus PPV. Chavez Jr countered that in order to accept the fight – he would have to earn 50%.

Meanwhile Anderson Silva’s former opponent Chris Weidman believes the Spider should be given this opportunity instead:

“None of these fights are going to happen at this point… Anderson Silva is not in contract. He’s a professional boxer, he’s been looking great. He just beat a world champion in his last fight… And they are right around the same weight, same size.”

Silva had already expressed his interest to fight either Paul brother in the ring:

Speaking with TMZ, Silva revealed that he plans to have his last match when he’s 49-years-old. Considering he’s 46 now, the former Middleweight Champion has just about three years left.