Charles Oliveira reveals he had a series of odd jobs including being a butcher, produce salesman and a truck washer in order to support his family

At UFC 274, Charles Oliveira defeated Justin Gaethje, reiterating his status as one of the sport’s most accomplished competitors. The road that led the 32-year-old fighter from the slums of Guaruja, Brazil, to his position as a lightweight champion of the UFC has been challenging but ultimately rewarding.

The Brazilian was able to accomplish his goal despite the many challenges he faced. During his appearance on an episode of the IRONBERG PODCAST, ‘Do Bronx’ described his rise to fame, beginning with his days as an impoverished child living on the streets of Brazil and ending with his current celebrity status.

The lightweight champion said that to support his family and continue his training, he had to work various underpaid jobs, such as selling ice cream and vegetables and collecting trash:

“I had nothing, master. I had nothing, and I was helping. I had this here and divided it into three, four, or five people. I had nothing. ”

“Man, I worked selling ice cream. I worked selling cheese on the bench. I worked selling garlic. I worked selling onions. I worked at the street market. I worked at the slaughterhouse. I took cans and cardboard. I washed trucks. And fighting. ”

:All to help my family. I did all this because I wanted to have my own money. So that my father wouldn’t try so hard, you know? To have better equipment. To pay for championships.”

Before UFC 274, Oliveira’s lightweight title was taken away considering he did not make the championship weight. On the other hand, his ability to triumph over challenges both inside and outside the ring will serve as a role model for future generations of athletes who compete in combat sports.

Charles Oliveira addressed the controversy surrounding his weight miss at the most recent event held by the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC 274) in a recent interview with Canal Encarada.

The combatant claimed that the UFC was not to blame for the occurrence of the scandal. He said that the commission was in charge of the weigh-ins and that it was their obligation to make sure that the scales were not tampered with:

“I think the UFC is not to blame. I think the athletic commission is responsible for weigh-ins. I hit the weight on Thursday on the UFC scale. So that scale was changed, removed, right?”

Despite encountering numerous obstacles throughout his life, Oliveira never gave up and proved to be a great inspiration for all those going through similar situations in their lives.

He is an example of never giving up your dream and keeping going no matter what setbacks you may face.

Despite being stripped of his title in a scandal, he never gave up and is now at the pinnacle of his career again.