Chael Sonnen thinks Jon Jones would do better than any specialist including Gordon Ryan & Tyson Fury

UFC veteran Chael Sonnen is certain that Jon Jones would beat anyone in the UFC.

Jon ‘Bones’ Jones is considered as one of the greatest MMA athletes of all time. His name is always up there in an MMA GOAT discussion. The 35-year-old started to compete at a young age and has been beating everyone in the UFC light heavyweight division since 2008. He is technically undefeated with his only loss being a disqualification in a match he was winning.

However, his huge drawback is that he got caught using PEDs multiple times. But this isn’t rocking Chael Sonnen’s faith in Jones, after all uncle Chael too tested positive for PEDs one time.

In a recent video on his Youtube channel, the 45-year-old talked about Jones. He responded to Anthony Smith’s comment by saying that Jones is “very beatable”.

“I would bet on Jon Jones in anything. I might lose my money, but I would bet on Jon Jones in anything. I’m gonna disgust you guys, but I don’t say this with any exaggeration. ”

“If Jon Jones was entering Abu Dhabi tomorrow, and Gordon Ryan was in the bracket, I’ll bet on Jon Jones. Roast away, go ahead. If Jon Jones is going to go over to heavyweight boxing and take on Tyson Fury, I’m gonna bet on Jon Jones.” Sonnen said.

Interestingly, Jon Jones made his pro grappling debut at Sonnen’s Submission Underground where he submitted Dan Henderson and challenged Chael Sonnen. Jones was reluctant to engage in talks for a match with any pro grappler.

“Jon Jones drives me nuts. Jon Jones drives me crazy. I would never deny what I’m seeing, though. When I say I’d bet on Jon in anything: Jon did a no-gi grappling match against a two-time Olympian named Dan Henderson. The fun and the playfulness that Jon had in it while being dominant, it stayed with me.” Sonnen added.

Sonnen and Jones met in the octagon back in 2013 at UFC 259. Jones defeated Sonnen via knockout in the last minute of the first round.

Jones has been absent from the octagon since February 2020. Currently Jones is expected to make a return at UFC 285, scheduled for March of 2023 against either Blaydes or Ngannou.