Chael Sonnen rips Mike Tyson for cuddling Hasbulla: ‘Did he not know that was a 20-year-old man?’

Social media celebrity Hasbulla recently paid a visit to Mike Tyson’s HotBoxin studio. The two engaged in an interesting chat as the 20-year-old Dagestani showed off his boxing prowess to Tyson.

Hasbulla is a huge combat sports enthusiast and is often seen hanging out with top UFC stars. The guy is passionate about sports and has learnt skills that he showed off when he met the boxing legend.

Hasbulla smacked Tyson’s hands trying to show off his move. Tyson then pulled him up and then cradled him like a baby. The 57-year-old then held Hasbulla like a baby and pretended to bite his ear.

The podcast channel posted this video on social media. This led to a few UFC fans criticizing Mike Tyson for his conduct.

UFC  vteteran Chael Sonnen also criticized Mike for the way he interacted with Hasbulla. He made an entire video on the matter.

Sonnen said: “This yesterday, he got the dope going, he’s got the whole thing and he does the hit from Hasbulla and then he picks him up and he turns him upside down Pats him on the button, hugs his head and he was one step away from giving him a noogie. That’s a 20-year-old man. Did he not know that was a 20-year-old man? Did nobody tell him that I mean not for nothing but Hasbulla is a pretty big deal? He really is.”

However, Hasbulla is prepared to visit the podcast again despite Tyson lifting him up and treating him like a baby. On Twitter, he posted a video with the caption: “Moments before Mike picked him up”