More charges dropped against Chael Sonnen but Four misdemeanors still stand

MMA veteran Chael Sonnen is slowly on the path to resolve his legal issues. Sonnen has had several charges against him get dropped – but is still looking at four misdemeanor battery accusations

The former UFC middleweight championship contender now faces four misdemeanor battery charges after Las Vegas Justice Pro Tem Craig Friedberg dropped two at a court hearing on Wednesday. Notably, Sonnen skipped the hearing.

Sonnen was charged with several charges of violence at a Four Seasons hotel in December. This included a felony crime of battery by strangulation and 10 minor counts of battery.

However, once a revised criminal complaint was filed in late March, it was reduced to six battery misdemeanor charges, and the felony count was dismissed.

Dr. Christopher Stellpflug and Julie Stellpflug were two of the claimed victims. They later filed their own lawsuit against Sonnen, seeking damages in excess of $15,000.

The pair alleges Sonnen struck others who attempted to step in and assaulted them at the hotel without warning.

In a formal petition, Sonnen’s defense counsel David Figler argued that the prosecution was unable to get Stellpflugs’ assertions to the media that Sonnen was “uttering nonsense” the night of the incident.

Although Figler thought the knowledge would help his client’s case, it ultimately didn’t matter.

In the request, Figler said that “[Christopher Stellpflug] has given some statements which have been broadcast concerning Mr. Sonnen’s mental state … and also claimed injuries and motivations unsupported by other evidence.”

“It is clear that if Mr. Sonnen could not form the requisite intent to commit a willful and unlawful battery that he would be exonerated of all charges.”

Later, Julie Stellpflug said that she and her husband were appalled by the choice to dismiss two of the misdemeanor abuse allegations while still seeking redress.

Additionally, they assert that everything they have said has stayed constant.

Stellpflug stated, “We just want justice. We did not deserve what happened to us. … Everything has remained consistent. There’s nothing different.”