Chael Sonnen evades jail time, pleads no contest to a misdemeanor breach of the peace charge

Former UFC star Chael Sonnen reportedly reached a plea deal in a criminal case connected to an incident that took place at the Four Seasons Hotel in Las Vegas in December 2021.

ESPN reported that Sonnen pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor breach of the peace charge, resulting in a fine of $750. His attorney Dayvid Figler has confirmed this resolution, assuring that no jail time or additional penalties were imposed, effectively bringing the case to a close.

Initially faced with six misdemeanor battery charges, Sonnen had two of those charges dismissed last year. As part of the plea deal reached in the Las Vegas Justice Court, the remaining four charges were also dismissed earlier this week by Judge Ann Zimmerman. It’s worth noting that a felony battery charge related to the incident in 2021 had already been dismissed last year.


Going back to the original case, six individuals had reported that Sonnen assaulted them on December 18, 2021. One man claimed that the former UFC star had strangled him. A woman alleged that Sonnen used physical force, including punching and pushing, during the attack.

Following the incident, a lawsuit was filed in March 2022 against Chael Sonnen by a married couple Christopher and Julie Stellpflug. Sonnen’s team claims that the lawsuit has been settled. But the couple’s attorney Kory Kaplan made a statement to the Review-Journal on Wednesday, asserting that the legal proceedings are still ongoing.

Sonnen’s recent cryptic tweet suggesting his victory in the legal battle and evasion of jail time has generated significant buzz on social media. He took a plea deal in the 2021 criminal case, where he pleaded no contest to the charge of misdemeanor breach of the peace. Sonnen managed to avoid jail time by paying a $750 fine.

The incident at the Four Seasons Hotel involved Sonnen banging on a hotel room door and engaging in a physical altercation with multiple individuals, as witnessed by onlookers.

Sonnen is still likely looking at resolving a civil suit several of the victims filed against him. He was also suspended from ESPN as a pundit, and now that the criminal charges have been dismissed we might see him back on air.

Responding to the latest developments in the case, the 46-year-old expressed his feelings on Twitter with a simple statement:

“And STILL…”

Fans of Sonnen quickly reacted to his post, and some of the comments were as follows:

“I heard they apologized for the inconvenience.”

“$750 is a typical tip at the steakhouse. #mediumrare”

“They don’t call ya the bad guy for nothing.”