Chael Sonnen battery trial set for April 5 after plea deal rejected

In his criminal case arising from an alleged attack in a Las Vegas hotel one year ago, Chael Sonnen is about to go to trial.

Multiple alleged victims of the assault filed complaints against Sonnen. He rejected a plea agreement from the prosecution on four misdemeanor counts he is presently facing. Sonnen’s trial will start on April 5.

During a status check hearing on Wednesday, attorney Dayvid Figler told judge Joe Bonaventure in Las Vegas Township Justice Court, “Sometimes, the parties get so close, and sometimes it just doesn’t make it all the way.”

All of the plea deals that Sonnen was given were afterwards “revoked,” a state prosecutor stated.

On December 18, 2021, at the Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas, Sonnen was allegedly responsible for attacks on a number of victims.

Julie and Christopher Stellpflug are a couple who were originally connected to the criminal case. They claim Sonnen punched both of them and placed Christopher Stellpflug in a chokehold after snatching a drink out of his hand. The couple claims Sonnen then assaulted three security officers who stepped in to save them.

Sonnen is accused of behaving aggressively  at the time of the alleged attack, according to the couple.

They were dismissed from the criminal case after the prosecution failed to discover sufficient evidence to establish a felony assault conviction. However, they are now suing Sonnen in civil court.

Additionally, a guy who identified himself as a maintenance worker is also suing Chael Sonnen. He claimed to have been hit in the jaw without cause. According to the guy, one of Sonnen’s visitors started the assault.

Sonnen has not made any statements about his lawsuit in the media. Judge Ann E. Zimmerman is expected to hear motions when it gets to trial in April. The three-time UFC title contender still makes regular appearances on his YouTube channel.

He’s been suspended from his ESPN collaboration for the time being.