Cedric Dumbe blasts Ref for ‘stealing fight’ from under him

French MMA sensation Cedric Doumbe encountered a setback in his career as he suffered his first defeat in MMA at PFL Europe 1. The match saw Doumbe pitted against Baissangour Chamsoudinov in the main event. The event garnered attention not only for its intensity but also for the subsequent controversy surrounding veteran referee Marc Goddard’s actions.

In a candid discussion with Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour, Doumbe expressed his disappointment and frustration with the outcome of the match. He voiced his grievances, stating: “He didn’t want to listen to me. I was very sad, because we trained three months, my team and me we did a lot of marketing about that fight, it was sold out, everybody was proud, everybody was waiting for that fight, and Marc Goddard just stole the fight. I really don’t understand.”

Doumbe alleged that referee Marc Goddard prematurely stopped the match. He attributed the stoppage to a seemingly minor issue—a splinter in Doumbe’s foot. This interruption ultimately led to a TKO loss for Doumbe.

Despite an intense showdown in the initial two rounds, Doumbe’s hopes were dashed in the third when he signaled a foot injury and requested a time-out.

Referee Marc Goddard’s decision to instruct Doumbe to continue despite his injury raised eyebrows. Doumbe persisted in drawing attention to his foot, asking Goddard to intervene and give him a time-out in the third round to remove the piece of glass. However, Chamsoudinov was declared the victor via technical TKO due to Doumbe’s incapacitation.

Doumbe later disclosed that a shard of glass impeded his performance, marking this defeat as a significant setback in his otherwise iconic MMA journey.

Cedric Doumbe’s transition from kickboxing to MMA garnered significant attention. After winning numerous championships and awards in kickboxing, Doumbe ventured into MMA in 2021. In his debut in the PFL, he faced Jordan Zébo at PFL Europe 3. In a surprising display of skill and athleticism, Doumbe secured victory via knockout a mere nine seconds into the first round, solidifying his status as a force to be reckoned with in the MMA world.

It also seems that Cedric Doumbe’s prospective UFC deal was mismanaged by Dana White. The PFL’s quick event sellout of Duombe’s bout in less than 30 minutes served as evidence of this. His goal had been to join the UFC in 2022. However, medical problems prevented him from making his octagon debut. Doumbe disclosed that medical professionals delivered documentation without verifying it, which was an error.

Additionally, it is said that Duombe’s little MMA experience was a factor in the French commission’s decision not to approve the bout. As a result, Duombe was unable to make his UFC debut in Paris.