Canadian MMA star quits the sport after scary injury

Physical injuries are an inevitable part of the intense world of combat sports, and the realm of MMA is no exception.

In a recent revelation on Instagram, promising Canadian MMA talent Ergys Sigeta has made the tough call to step away from competitive sports. According to the post, Sigeta made the decision to quite due to a severe eye injury.

MMA reporter Aaron Bronsteter from Sportsnet shared Sigeta’s decision on X. He expressed his support for the athlete and extended best wishes for his future endeavors.

Sigeta wrote: “Hey everyone, just wanted to take some time to let all my supporters, friends, family know that l’ve decided to step away from MMA. November 2022, in the lead up to my December fight I suffered a hole in my eye that scarred over…Now, present day, I don’t feel like I want to get hit anymore. I’m hesitant in training, Ive been told there’s a possibility of full vision loss, and given the small possibility of things that have happened, I just think looking out for my future is the best way forward.”

The decision to retire from combat sports carries undeniable weight, especially for an athlete poised to make a name for themselves in the world of mixed martial arts. The revelation that Sigeta’s departure was driven by a fear of potential vision loss shows the inherent risks associated with the demanding and physically rigorous nature of the sport.

As Ergys Sigeta transitions into the next phase of his life, the MMA community and fans collectively send their best wishes. His story becomes a poignant reminder that above all, the individuals involved in these high-stakes competitions are human beings with genuine concerns for their well-being.

Ergys Sigeta had been making waves in the welterweight division with his stellar performances inside the cage. Standing at 5’10” and weighing 169 pounds, Sigeta was a formidable member of Grant Brothers MMA. His well-rounded skill set propelled him to success in the professional MMA circuit.

Boasting six victories and zero defeats, Sigeta’s wins showcased his versatility as a combatant. Three victories came by way of knockout or technical knockout, boasting a notable 50% knockout rate. Additionally, he secured one win by submission. This showcases his expertise in ground tactics with a commendable 17% submission record. Two victories came through via judges’ decisions.

Ergys Sigeta’s perfect record and diverse skill set continued to capture attention within the MMA community. But his retirement prompted by the scare of an eye injury, has left the community contemplating one of the most significant ‘what ifs’ in MMA history.