Canada penalizes Female powerlifter who has been protesting trans inclusion policies

April Hutchinson has found herself in hot water for her vocal opposition to trans inclusion policies in women’s powerlifting in Canada. The controversy centers around a 40-year-old biological male competing in the women’s powerlifting category.

Hutchinson has been a prominent critic of allowing biological males to compete in women’s sports. However, her concerns fell on deaf ears within her federation, until recently when she received a disciplinary letter.

In an interview with guest host David Menzies, Hutchinson revealed her ordeal. “Ever since March, I’ve had three letters of discipline for speaking out. And the most recent one was about two weeks ago saying that they’re going to be taking it to a committee board and deciding if they’re going to suspend me for basically calling the male a biological male on TV and introducing social media,” April said.

This situation has left many questioning why Hutchinson’s federation tolerates such a move. Sports have separate categories for males and females due to biological differences, especially in strength-related disciplines. Hutchinson emphasized this point, stating, “Males and females are equal, but we’re different. Males tend to be stronger, especially in a sport like what you’re in, in terms of upper body strength.”

Hutchinson’s concerns about bias within the federation have also come to light. She pointed out that the chair of the Ethics committee, who issued her the disciplinary letter, openly supports trans lifters in powerlifting on her social media. This has raised questions about the fairness of the board’s decisions.

Furthermore, Hutchinson has taken her advocacy a step further by launching her own clothing line featuring items with the slogan “KEEP FEMALE SPORTS FEMALE.” The proceeds from these sales contribute to her personal funds and legal support in her fight against trans inclusion policies in women’s sports.