Build-a-MMA-pro disaster: Infamous meme combining all the MMA’s worst qualities combined resurfaces

In the world of Mixed Martial Arts, fans are always intrigued by the unique qualities and attributes of their favorite stars. Recently, a Facebook user compiled a list of the ‘worst’ traits from various UFC competitors to create a custom combatant embodying all these worst qualities.


This sparked lively discussions among MMA enthusiasts, who came up with their own combinations of these attributes.

One user, taken aback by the hybrid combatant said: “What is this monstrosity”

However, not all fans agreed on the negative traits assigned. One user countered the general opinion by asserting that Cody Garbrandt actually possesses a solid IQ.

Moreover, fans also suggested additional attributes they believed should have been included in the list. For instance, a fan humorously proposed Ben Askren’s boxing hand. He said: “I would have put boxing hands as [Ben] askren lol”

Another fan mentioned Artem Lobov’s arm length. He said: “Would add Artem Lobov’s arm length”

Recently, UFC light heavyweight champion Jamahal Hill is facing a terrible injury which will sideline him for several months. Hill claimed the title by defeating Glover Teixeira at UFC 283 in January, has yet to defend his belt.

Fans eagerly anticipated his return to the octagon, hoping he would solidify his status as a deserving champion. However, these hopes have been dashed as Hill announced his devastating injury: a ruptured Achilles tendon. This type of injury requires surgery and a lengthy rehabilitation process.

He said: “I have unfortunately suffered an injury. I’ve ruptured my Achilles, yeah. It’s just one of those injuries, just one of those… yeah f**k man. It’s just one of those things that happens you know, it’s a tough injury. It’s one that will require surgery.”

Due to the severity of his leg injury and the resulting long absence from competition, Jamahal Hill will be giving up his title.