Buchecha scores easy victory at ONE 158

Marcus Almeida Buchecha has dedicated himself to MMA. Celebrated BJJ champion had finally transitioned to MMA after over 6 years of discussing the move.

In order to streamline his career, he’s signed with Dominance MMA and the infamous Ali Abdelaziz. Buchecha has already racked up 3 victories coming into tonight.

Oddly ONE FC isn’t doing audience events – even though the UFC will be doing them next week in Singapore in the same stadium.

 Almeida had another smooth showing at one. He’d used his jiu jitsu to his advantage going from half guard to mount and ground and poudning his way to victory. The ref stopped it as the opponent’s corner threw in the towel.

In many ways, ONE FC appears to be building up his resume – a big difference from how they approached the career of proven bjj champion Yuri Simoes. Simoes was given two hard bouts at one and promptly dismissed from the MMA segment of the org.

Meanwhile Buchecha is now 3-0 having faced Simon Carson (2-2), Ji Won Kang (6-1) and Anderson Braddock Silva (3-2)