Bryce Mitchell bemoans Joe Rogan for ignoring his invitation to have a flat earth debate

In a discussion on the flat earth conspiracy, Bryce Mitchell is taking aim at Joe Rogan.

Despite a huge number of scientific evidence refuting the hypothesis, Mitchell still holds the belief that the Earth is flat.

Although the UFC commentator finds it fascinating to discuss conspiracies, Rogan has firmly rejected the idea that the planet is flat.

Mitchell called out Rogan again recently after Rogan ignored his callouts:

“He sissied out, but that’s alright. The thing is, if I call somebody stupid and make fun of them for their beliefs, I’m gonna explain to them exactly why. I could do that in a debate, but he wants to call people stupid then not debate them. That’s my problem.”

Mitchell went on to tell sportskeeda:

“If he wants to call me stupid, at least debate me. Explain to me why I’m stupid and how I’m wrong, and I’ll explain to you as to why I believe you’re wrong. I’m not calling him stupid, I’m just saying I want to have a discussion because he’s gonna call me stupid.”

“Me and my mom, and all my friends that believe it and stuff, he’s calling all of us stupid. So, I’m just telling him he oughta debate somebody like me, and he’d lose.”

Even though it’s doubtful that Mitchell could persuade most people of his views, listening to him speak would be fascinating.

Mitchell had a guest spot on Eddie Bravo’s new podcast however the two didn’t discuss flat Earth at all and instead focused on BJJ and wrestling topics tied to MMA.

Most people would anticipate the flat earth discussion to take place on Joe Rogan’s podcast because of its large following. However, Bryce Mitchell is open to discussing the conspiracy anyplace, even at a Waffle House.

Regarding potential sites to debate the form of the planet, Mitchell said the following during the same interview:

“I want to prove him wrong in front of as many people as possible. So that’s why I want the podcast, but if he wants to have breakfast at Waffle House and talk about it, that’s fine with me. I don’t think he has time for that or cares enough to do it.”

Mitchell has won all of his six bouts since signing up with the UFC in 2018. He was scheduled to face Movsar Evloev, however the bout was cancelled. He is now booked to face Ilia Topuria at a later date.