Brook vows to ‘seek help’ after video of him snorting white powder published online

In a video released by this week, the former boxing world champion Kell Brook is shown using a roll-up to inhale the powder on a glass table at what is thought to be his Sheffield family home.

After emerging from the powder that has been strewn out on the table, he says “nice” to the camera before shadowboxing on video. On Friday, His manager Terry Thompson stated that the video was a prank.

After the video went viral, Brook’s manager Thompson said:

“This is a thing that has sort of got out of hand. They were at his house, they were having a laugh. They were joking about things. He said to them, ‘Film me having a laugh’.”

After defeating longtime foe Amir Khan about a year ago, Brook announced his retirement. He has since apologized for the video and said he is “seeking help to get on the right path”

The former boxer wrote:

“I messed up, I hold my hands up & want to apologise to my family gym friends & fans. It’s no secret that I struggle with mental health & I’m finding retirement really hard. I’m actively seeking the help I need to get me on the right path. Again I apologise for the hurt I’ve caused.”

The incident seems to have occurred in front of a framed photograph of the 36-year-old after he won his third world championship in 2014.

His wife Lindsey and their three children are said to have been elsewhere when Brook “had a bit of a gathering.” Rival Amir Khan made the allegation about Brook using cocaine in the past on Twitter in 2012.

Recently, Brook voiced the possibility of returning to the ring. According to a report from Sky Sports last month, Brook reportedly intended to take on Liam Smith after he defeated Chris Eubank Jr.