Brock Lesnar’s hand size pales in comparison to Andre the Giant

Brock Lesnar is widely considered a freak of nature. The Minnesota wrestler is known for his extraordinary physique and is one of the only two UFC athletes that required custom sized MMA gloves.

Brock Lesnar has been an international superstar for a number of years. But he started as a high school football player with an above the average athleticism. He first started wrestling in highschool and quickly made an impression.


His athleticism – and his amateur wrestling would quickly land him a scholarship at the University of Minnesota. That being said, he hasn’t always looked all that intimidating as evidenced by the following photos:

Just a couple of years later Lesnar would transform in a scary looking behemoth.

Lesnar went on to have an impressive record of 106-5 during the four years he attended college. He went on to become the NCJAA champion twice. Ultimately that translated into signing with the WWE as soon as he was out of college. It would be six years until he expressed desire to try mixed martial arts.

In 2006 in Minnesota he embarked on his MMA journey under respected coach Greg Nelson. Lesnar would make his UFC debut in 2008.

Lesnar went on to lose his UFC debut, but the bout was an instant classic. To this day people recognize the finish all across the globe.

Following the loss, Lesnar would string 4 victories together and secure a heavyweight championship in the process.

Following the loss, Lesnar would string 4 victories together and secure a heavyweight championship in the process. One interesting side note is that Lesnar wouldn’t be underpaid. After a victory over Mir in 2009 Lesnar went on a rant against Bud Light – where he said they won’t pay him anything and even promoted the competition in Coors Light. This clip has largely been scrubbed off the internet but you can still see it – if you look hard enough.

Lesnar’s reign at the promotion wouldn’t last long. He started having serious issues with his health, first with mononucleosis and then later with diverticulitis. It’s interesting to note that Georges St Pierre retired from the UFC following the Bisping fight for a serious health issue – diverticulitis.

Lesnar would go on to lose two more in the UFC – one in 2010 and one in 2011. But his entertainment value remained at an all time high. He headlined the cards for all but the first two UFC cards he fought on. Lesnar went on to negotiate a return with the WWE and triumphantly return in 2012.

But his story doesn’t end there. Seeing as how he was very marketable, the UFC kept having him in mind and once Ariel Helwani leaked the UFC 200 card things came to a head. Helwani was banned from UFC events, Jon Jones went on to be replaced due to a suspicious USADA test – and a man outside of USADA’s testing pool would be swapped in on the card.

His decision win over Mark Hunt would be overturned to a No Contest after USADA notified UFC that he tested positive for clomiphene.

Lesnar shrugged off the test and continued his career in pro wrestling – however many wonder about his spectacular physique.

Brock Lesnar stands at an impressive 6″2′ tall, weighing in at around 286lbs but that’s nothing compared to another wrestling GOAT – Andre the Giant. Andre was 7″4′ and used his size to his advantage in order to secure a lucrative run in pro wrestling.

It’s unknown how much he weighed exactly – due to fluctuations. He was believed to be between 520lbs and 555lbs at the time of his passing due to congestive heart failure.

In the history of UFC there have been two men that required custom gloves – Brock Lesnar and SHane Carwin. Lesnar was quoted saying once:

“When you tape my hands, I don’t know if you’ll get the glove on, I won’t be able to close my hand.”

But his hand size pales in comparison to Andre, he came to learn during a visit to Andre’s hand print.

You can see in the outline that Lesnar’s hand size pales in comparison.