British MMA star Brendan Loughnane suffered brutal eye injury minute into the fight

British MMA star Brendan Loughnane had a challenging night. Loughnane is currently participating in the PFL featherweight season for the 1 million dollar prize.
He faced Abo Huskic last night. Loughnane was determined to win in order to secure a place in the semi finals.

But it was a rough start for Loughnane. His left eye was severely damaged in the first round.

He still tried to pile on pressure in the 2nd round, landing a great counter right.

With a takedown close to the end of round 2 he was ahead despite the eye damage.

The Bosnian ace, Huskic, was wobbled in the third and final round but managed to survive anyway.

Loughnane, with a closed eye, took a unanimous decision to continue on his way to the 1 million prize.
Afterwards he shared:

“I need to be better but I will be better.”

“It’s just not good enough I’m a perfectionist and I should be stopping guys like that. I just wasn’t pulling the trigger”

“He was extremely awkward what the f*ck was that guy doing. If you go into a technical match with me I’ll have it but this guy had not read the script.”

“He was just throwing shit out of nowhere. Not to put him down. But I feel like I stooped myself down to his level tonight.”


 “Bust my eye on the first exchange. Fought for 14 mins on one eye. Time for the semi finals. The next one is personal 🇬🇧” – Brendan shared on social media.