Brendan Schaub sticks up for racist cornerman Tony Kelley: “He shouldn’t have to censor himself”

Noted Cancel Culture hater Brendan Schaub is all about Free speech – unless it involves substantiated evidence of his philandering ways that is. 

Schaub recently had some interesting nuggets to share about Andrea Lee’s boyfriend, UFC fighter Tony Kelley.

Over the weekend Kelley was spotted uttering the following:

“they’re dirty f*cking Brazilians,” Kelley told Lee among other things.

The MMA community was quick to condemn Kelley for questionable phrasing. While some of his defenders argued that Brazil is not a race – it’s still discrimination and not one that was particularly called for considering Lee was bending the rules a lot during the bout with Viviane Araujo.

But of course, Schaub had his own take on the situation.

“I’m sure he could’ve said it in other ways, [but] he shouldn’t have to censor himself inside that octagon. If this becomes a thing, the UFC should not mic up that octagon or play it after the fact.”

“Edit it out and play it. ‘Cause these guys shouldn’t be worried about, ‘Man, if I say something that people don’t like, I’m gonna get criticism.’ Because then the coaches are going to censor themselves.”

But perhaps Kelley shouldn’t be giving his girlfriend a racist pep talk on the nationally televised program? In the end it might be a bigger deal if ESPN decides to make a fuss about it – or their parent company Disney.

As for Kelley – he’s booked to face Adrian Yanez next and offered a ‘lukewarm’ explanation for his language.

“Cancel Culture is real. What I said was real and in the heat of battle, and in no way had any type of racist connotations meant…but if that’s the way you take it, idgaf. So many people quick to say racist..that s**ts getting so old. My reference was to a dirty eye poke.”