Brendan Schaub reacts to Joe Rogan admitting Schaub needs ‘a handler’

Joe Rogan has been vocal about his friendship with Dana White as of late – and he’s clearly picking sides in the latest controversy longtime friend Brendan Schaub is going through.
Joe Rogan has since backed Dana White and made some harsh comments targeting Schaub during the latest podcast episode featuring MMA videographer Will Harris.

“Soon as you don’t give it to (MMA fans)? That’s it – Brendan Schaub. He gave his opinion on Dana. They ate his a*s alive like piranhas.”

To which Rogan replied:

“It’s so dumb. I didn’t talk to him about that. But first of all, he’s wrong.”

“He’s wrong about the theory. Look, Brendan’s my boy, but he needs a handler. He needs someone like me around him all the time. What are you gonna do? Nope, not, not. Here’s why. And he’ll go: ‘Yeah, you’re right.’.

While Schaub is usually way out there with his ‘theories’ it’s notable that UFC’s own Sean Strickland and Tony Ferguson came out in sport of his theory.

Schaub saw the clip – which is pretty much every where by now and was visibly upset during the latest episode of ‘Schaub show’.


“Brendan needs a handler? Do I? Or does your boy need a handler? I’m not the one playing grab a*s with Mark Zuckerberg, letting him rent out studios, shutting it down for his entertainment. Don’t call him Zuck on your social media either. You don’t know the guy”