Brendan Schaub hilariously falls for viral fake news, talks Pantoja knocking out Makhachev

Recently, a fake story about Islam Makhachev being defeated by Alexandre Pantoja went viral on social media. The inspiration came from a meme comparing Pantoja to Adriano Martins, who in 2015 defeated Makhachev in the opening round of the latter’s UFC debut.

While the meme was intended as a joke, it managed to deceive the well-known MMA personality, Brendan Schaub. He unknowingly shared false information on multiple podcasts. Former UFC champion Dominick Cruz chose not to address Schaub’s comments in one podcast, while comedian Bryan Callen humorously claimed to have witnessed the fictitious matchup in another.

The unintentional dissemination of the false news by Brendan Schaub not only led to some hilarious responses but also sparked a wave of amusing comments on Twitter.

One user @DrFreezepop tweeted: “I swear the dude at Buffalo Wild Wings who said Conor should fight jon Jones knows more about MMA than Brenda”

Some of the other comments are as follows:

“The way he smugly says “ever heard of him” to really hammer home his completely wrong point is classic Schwab.”


“I want to get cte so I can just make shit up and think I’m 100% telling the truth”

“Great fight, never saw it”

Before his upcoming title match, Alexandre Pantoja has already faced Brandon Moreno twice and emerged victorious on both occasions. In their initial encounter in 2016, Pantoja submitted Moreno . Two years later, Pantoja secured a decision win against Moreno.

Former UFC competitor Michael Bisping believes that Pantoja possesses all the necessary skills to achieve a clean sweep victory in their third meeting at UFC 290. In a recent statement on his YouTube channel, Bisping shared his insight:

“He’s gonna go forward towards Brandon Moreno, having beaten him twice, and I don’t think he’s gonna give him any respect. And that will be key. Now granted, that could mean he’s gonna walk onto a big shot, he’s gonna walk onto something that’s gonna put him down, potentially cause the end of the fight. But generally, I think Pantoja wins this fight…Pantoja’s done it twice before, I think he can do it again.”