Brendan Schaub has a conspiracy theory about UFC 279, gets bodied, instantly folds

Former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub appeared to believet hat there is an attempt to rig UFC 279’s results. Khamzat Chimaev and Nate Diaz’s five-round welterweight bout was originally slated to serve as the main event of the UFC 279 program, however it was cancelled in an unprecedented shuffle that ended up affecting 3 bouts on main card.

MMA’s least favorite analyst, Brendan Schaub,  commented on the aforementioned  card shuffle on Twitter. He speculated that there may be a conspiracy at play.

Schaub tweeted: “THANK GOD #UFC279 is still happening BUT doesn’t it all seem a lil fishy? All three main fights get switched mmmmmhmm #Conspiracy #Earthisnotflat”


Former UFC welterweight Ben Askren was quick to disagree and see through Schaub.

Askren tweeted: “What’s the conspiracy??? I’m sure Li, Rodriguez and Holland got fat envelopes.”

What Askren failed to realize is that this is just an attempt for Schaub to astroturf his newfound ‘media company’.

A much more likely conspiracy is Schaub’s complete lack of originality as evidenced by the logo of his new ‘business venture’


As the ultimate yes man, Schaub folded immediately.

“Agree, I’m sure everyone got paid. I don’t think it’s due to Khamzat missing weight. I think it got switched due to #UFC279 not trending well since it was such a mismatch”

Perhaps for his next copycat act he could pick up on a thing or two from MMA media’s resident bad boy Chael Sonnen.

As per Ariel Helwani, UFC CFO Hunter Campbell saved the day negotiating the 3 big changes. Ferguson and Diaz, Chimaev and Holland and the undersized Li Jingliang against Daniel Rodriguez.

While Schaub is the only one to bring ‘flat earth’ into it, he’s not the only one who considered backroom deals were in play. It’s confirmed that Diaz’ contract predates ‘sunsetting’ clause and as such can be extended indefinitely. Luckily this isn’t the case, Diaz will be competing against another fan favorite in Tony Ferguson to the delight of MMA fans around the globe.