Brendan Schaub brands altercation between Jake Shields and Mike Jackson ‘assault’

UFC heavyweight turned podcaster Brendan Schaub shared his opinion on the recent altercation between Jake Shields and Mike Jackson. Schaub believes that Shields assaulted Jackson and he might get charged soon.

An altercation between former UFC middleweight champion Jake Shields and MMA novice Mike Jackson has been a hot topic this week. Their altercation started when Jackson, who has only gone 1-2 in MMA, lobbed several insults at Jake Shields on social media.

On December 16, they encountered each other at UFC Performance Institute in Nevada. They had a verbal altercation initially but Shields escalated it in a move that led to him getting banned from the UFC PI.

Part of their encounter was recorded and uploaded online. In the short video, Shields can be seen getting on top of Jackson and sort of slapping him from half guard. Several people surrounding them were trying to separate them. Shields uploaded the video to his Twitter account.

Brendan Schaub discussed the brawl on his podcast. Many people who have been following the entire altercation believe a lawsuit is coming, including Schaub. But, the 39-year-old is certain that the charges may also come from the UFC.

“This is assault, brother. They’re (the PI) probably gonna press charges. Which is a bummer, because you don’t want fights happening at, you know, your headquarters and stuff like that. But you’d think of any business in the world, the UFC would go ‘I get it.’ And also, two professional fighters, one’s talking s**t, they run into each other, it’s what happens.” Schaub said.

Soon after Shields uploaded the footage, Jackson pressed charges against him.

“Yeah, well, I’m gonna follow up with the PI. I told them, ‘Hey, press charges.’ They said ok… You can’t just walk around assaulting people and think there’s no consequences for your actions. You can’t do that. You know what I’m saying? And all the people who support him, cool, support him. These people don’t matter either.” Jackson said.

Shields announced he plans to countersue if Jackson does indeed file charges.

As for Schaub, he’s previously had issues with Nate and Nick Diaz – long time friends of Jake Shields so he’s likely trying to insert himself and his biases into this well documented drama.

As is, Jackson doesn’t appear harmed, there’s been no damage suffered to it remains to be seen if anything will come of the incident.