Brendan Schaub backs Sean O’Malley to beat Petr Yan

Perpetual clout chaser, Brendan Schaub, has long been championing odd takes. The machine that brought you the ‘McGregor can beat Mayweather’ won’t stop churning. With the birth of his ‘MMA news’ style podcast he’s backing a social media star  (no surprise there) to beat former Bantamweight champion Petr ‘No Mercy’ Yan.

During an interview with The Schmo, Schaub revealed:-

“It’s a lot for ‘Sugar’ Sean. I do think he can beat Petr Yan, but my question for everybody out there is: Then what? You beat him and it’s like, it’s off to the races. I would say the UFC should be a marathon, not a sprint.”
” But if he beats the number one guy, he’s probably two or one. He’s probably right there. It’s deep waters, man. Now, I do think Petr Yan, if he fancies himself a striker that night, ‘Sugar’ can get it done.”

For those actually curious about the odds – former champion is a heavy favorite at the moment.

Sean O’Malley last appeared in the octagon during that unfortunate bout against Pedro Munhoz in which he scratched Munhoz’ cornea and proceeded to celebrate and claim that the eye poke didn’t happen intermittently.

O’Malley had failed to check roughly 35 leg kicks upto the point of stoppage during their bout.

As for Yan, he’s a seasoned striker. According to some, the best boxer in the UFC. But Yan is capable of spicing it up. A simple look at his UFC stats reveals that Yan has been throwing more kicks as of late in addition to holding notable wins over Jose Aldo, Urijah Faber and Cory Sandhagen.

And one more thing – Yan isn’t exactly afraid of a dirty move here or there. He famously grabbed John Dodson’s illustrious Afro in order to exploit it and do some damage so Sean O’Malley better get his act together fast.