Bryce Mitchell criticizes Biden, opposes war hawks in Washington

Bryce Mitchell was one of the hottest topics at UFC 272. Not only did the UFC fighter manage to rag doll Edson Barboza – but he followed that up with a reveal that he would be donating $45,000 to a Children’s hospital. UFC president heard the pledge – and offered to pay the donation so that Mitchell could keep the money. The money amounted to 50% of what he won at UFC 272.

Following the victory, Mitchell booked a spot on Tucker Carlson and shared some interesting views on Joe Biden’s presidency and family.

Mitchell started his appearance by praising the way UFC is all for free speech:

“Well, I don’t have to be worried about being fired from my job for saying what I want to say there’s a lot of people out there that do agree with me, but they can’t say things that I get to say even though they think they’ll get fired from their job if they come out and say that I was pretty good with how He lets us talk and say we want”

Mitchell explained he questions Biden’s motives when it comes to the Russian invasion of Ukraine:

“Well, I don’t exactly know what their agenda is with the whole war on Russia. But I do know that all that money that’s going to the Biden family through Hunter Biden, he’s not, he doesn’t have the merit for that position. He’s got over there, they’ve used our tax dollars to bribe him a job. You know, if mayor, you did what Nancy Pelosi did and got millions and stocks, we’d go to prison for insider trading, but she does it. And she’s filthy rich. So these their families are getting very greatly compensated. While they’re taxing us to death. Inflation is higher than ever. They close down all of our pipelines and wonder why the price of oil has gone through the roof.”

“These people are trying to destroy our country because they are profiting off the downfall of our country. And if y’all don’t see what’s going on, you are blinded every day. You know, our inflation gets worse, our debt gets worse. Our actual currency is controlled by a small group called the Federal Reserve, the Federal Reserve. So it’s insidious in nature. It’s made to control we have a lot of problems and it’s going to take a lot of things to fix it.”

Carlson questioned why Mitchell wasn’t enlisted considering how strongly he feels about the American values. Mitchell provided an interesting response saying:

“I’m just not wanting to go waste my life fighting for some of these battles that I don’t even believe in. You know, we’re, I believe our leaders, a lot of these elites are guilty of treason, what they’ve done is just treasonous. And, you know, and I’m sure you know what I’m talking about a little bit.”

Finally Mitchell has become slightly scared fopr, his life following the decision to keep speaking out on these issues and use his public platform:

“I’ve had people coming out the woodwork just supporting me. And then they’ve been telling me also, you know, you need to load your guns up because somebody is gonna come out there and try to take you out for what you’re saying. And that’s how that’s how worried people are about the state of their country. My friends think that my life is could be at risk because I’m coming out here and speaking truth. You know, I have people saying hey, load your guns up, be ready. And that’s just I’m just telling you that’s what people are telling me right now. You know, they are worried about my health because I’m coming out and speaking the truth. That’s the type of suppression and oppression that we’re living in brother people are worried about it.”

Mitchell had become a politically charged subject in the lead up to UFC 272, due to the way he tried to turn around the interview on Ariel Helwani and shared some questionable ideas with Helwani.

“My number one explanation is that the government in a lot of these. They have an agenda, they set up mass shootings and blame the AR-15s. They say ‘Oh, now we’re coming to take your AR-15s now’. Let me tell you why they haven’t taken away the AR-15s, cause this is God’s land, they cannot.” Mitchell said.

Mitchell also believes the right to bear arms is highly the cause for the high number of mass shootings in the USA.

He added, “They do not have the power to take away these AR-15s. They have been trying and trying and trying, the people are too strong. I would die before I hand these guns over to my government.”

You can watch the Tucker Carlson interview below: