Brazilian tapping, cage and glove grabbing and more – UFC’s Cachoeira tried every con in the book at UFC 291

UFC’s Priscila Cachoeira suffered a loss at UFC 291 early prelim card. She got submitted via a armbar by Miranda Maverick and tried to do pull off the Brazilian tap and get out of it.

UFC flyweight Priscilla Cachoeira is arguably one of the dirtiest athletes in the UFC. The 34-year-old Brazilian made headlines during her match against Gillian Robertson in 2021. In an attempt to escape a RNC, Cachoeira eye gouged Robertson.

It was obviously an intentional act because Cachoeira did it two times while Robertson was visibly in pain. But somehow, the referee didn’t notice it. Luckily, Robertson managed to keep a tight grip and submitted Cachoeira with the RNC.

During her bout with Molly McCann back in 2019, she delivered a kick when McCann was trying to bump gloves as is customary. Cachoeira is also often holding on to a cage when her opponents utilize grappling.

Priscilla Cachoeira sometimes apologizes for her behavior but she remains an irritating athlete for UFC fans. Many of them are baffled with the fact that Cachoeira hasn’t been cut yet.

Recently, Cachoeira was featured in the early preliminary card at UFC 291 in Salt Lake City, Utah and took on Miranda Maverick. The two clashed in a fierce battle but Maverick is a better athlete especially in the grappling aspect.

In the middle of the final round, Maverick dominated Cachoeira on the ground and successfully locked an armbar. Cachoeira failed to escape and decided to tap out, marking Maverick’s victory.

But, during the replay, Cachoeira can be seen trying the classic “Brazilian tap”.

Unfortunately for Cachoeira, Maverick ignored her trick and just simply focused on the referee. Realizing her trick didn’t work, Cachoeira finally tapped out for real. With this result, Maverick returned to the win column after previously losing to Jasmine Jasudavicius.