Brazilian competition creates Men’s Wellness Division to prevent feminine men from competing with women

At the recent Roraima Classic event in Brazil, the introduction of a Men’s Wellness division prompted widespread discussion within the bodybuilding community. Unlike the IFBB and NPC-sanctioned competitions, the Roraima Classic is an independent regional bodybuilding show known for its eyebrow raising approach.

Traditionally dominated by female athletes, the IFBB Wellness division focuses on emphasizing lower body muscle mass, particularly in the hips, glutes, and thighs, while maintaining a balanced upper body development. The recent inclusion of the Wellness division at the Olympia showcases the growing popularity of this category, with Francielle Mattos emerging as a dominant force, claiming victory in all three championships.

Despite this, IFBB Vice President Tyler Manion clarified that there are no plans to introduce new divisions to the NPC or IFBB, emphasizing contentment with the existing categories. The reaction to the Men’s Wellness division at the Roraima Classic on social media platforms like Instagram has been mixed, with some voicing support for the new category while others have called for a boycott.

San Moraes, the champion of the Men’s Wellness division at the Roraima Classic, garnered attention following his win, sparking further debate within the bodybuilding community. Various individuals, including Mike Sommerfeld, have expressed differing opinions on the division, highlighting the ongoing discussion surrounding the evolution of bodybuilding competitions.

As the Men’s Wellness division continues to draw attention in the realm of regional bodybuilding events, its future within larger organizations like the IFBB and NPC remains uncertain.