Boxing ref Tony Weeks: ‘Brain aneurysm’ reports were behind early stoppage in Ortiz Jr. vs Lawson

Referee Tony Weeks faced widespread scrutiny for his swift stoppage of the Vergil Ortiz Jr versus Fredrick Lawson match during the first round.

Ortiz Jr. increased the pressure as Lawson pulled back to the ropes and covered his head. The shots didn’t seem to be causing any significant harm. However, Weeks intervened and stopped the bout.

With less than 30 seconds remaining in the first round, Weeks’ decision triggered uproar among boxing fans. Even Lawson’s team expressed dissatisfaction with the premature stoppage.

The commentating team was just as surprised as the fans when Weeks intervened to end the match. On commentator said: “And that is it?”

Online social media platforms flooded with dissenting voices directed at Weeks’ judgment.

Recently, Weeks disclosed a startling revelation behind his controversial stoppage decision. In a since-deleted social media post, he hinted at Lawson undergoing brain scans before the match. The scans allegedly revealed an aneurysm, raising concerns about Lawson’s fitness.

Weeks wrote: “What the public didn’t know that prior to the fight they did a brain scan on him, and it came up that he had an aneurysm and they did a test again and the same aneurysm came up.”

“Another doctor was brought in and gave him the same examination and he tested negative for the aneurysm, so they cleared him to fight.”

Weeks has since deleted the post but we were able to verify that that profile is indeed his. However Weeks hasn’t confirmed that he had made this post so take it with a grain of salt.

However, Eric Gomez from Golden Boy Boxing promotions refuted Weeks’ assertions.

Meanwhile, Ortiz Jr expresses interest in a WBO world title showdown during the interview after the match. He also challenged Australian boxing sensation Tim Tszyu.

He stated respectfully: “There’s a lot of fighters that I want to fight. I know people would love to see this fight, so Tim Tszyu, with all respect, I would love to fight you.”

“I think you’re a hell of a fighter, and let’s make it happen. It’s all business. I’m a competitive person, I want to fight the best.”

Tszyu promptly accepted the challenge via social media, expressing willingness to engage in the proposed bout.

Promoter Oscar De La Hoya echoed this sentiment, suggesting the match could potentially take place in Australia.

He wrote: “Tim Tszyu, anybody at 154 … Ortiz will even go to Australia and do it. I’ve got to do my homework and see who Tim’s promoter is, see what the situation is. We’ll take it from there. (But) whatever Team Vergil wants we’ll make happen. We’re behind him a thousand per cent.”

Tszyu’s promoter George Rose wrote: “I love it when top fighters want to travel to Australia, it’s the best country in the world. @OscarDeLaHoya. You and @VergilOrtiz are always welcome down under, @Tim_Tszyu stays ready, I’ll add this one to the list.”