Boxing promoter reveals talks with UFC legend Nate Diaz to face Canelo Alvarez

Eddie Hearn says that he has been in contact with Nate Diaz. He has been seeking a matchup with Canelo Alvarez now that Diaz is a free agent.

After defeating Tony Ferguson via fourth-round submission in September of last year, Diaz ended his iconic 15-year association with the UFC.

The MMA legend hinted that he will compete in boxing during his octagon speech at UFC 279. However, he hasn’t said much more about his plans to continue competing in combat sports since then.

Hearn claims that Diaz is acting behind the scenes, nevertheless. The boxing promoter recently disclosed that Diaz is trying to get a match with Canelo, the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world.

Hearn spoke to The MMA Hour:

“It was just a friendly conversation to say, ‘What are you thinking?’ And Nate Diaz’s mindset is, ‘I want to fight Canelo Alvarez.’ And who knows?”

“It’s very difficult to give Nate Diaz a shot in a Canelo Alvarez fight. But again, Nate Diaz can box. I’m not saying he’s going to compete with Canelo Alvarez.”

“But he’s got a big fanbase and I think there’s a fascination behind seeing these guys do something different. It’s the unknown. What’s going to happen?”

Hearn likened the Diaz vs. Canelo matchup to a match between Anthony Joshua and former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou.

Ngannou just departed the UFC because the two could not reach a deal for a new contract. It has been reported that Ngannou will fight Tyson Fury or Anthony Joshua in the ring. Hearn represents Joshua and has been in communication with Ngannou since he left the UFC.

Hearn said,

“At least with [Francis] Ngannou against AJ you’ve got two huge punchers where something could happen. I have no idea. What if Francis Ngannou came out and they traded up and he knocked Anthony Joshua out?”

The 43-year-old was clear to emphasise that he is just in early discussions with the former UFC fighters and is not near to securing a bout for them against Canelo, Joshua, or any other boxer.

Alvarez is anticipated to compete in May against John Ryder. He then seeks to schedule a rematch with Dmitry Bivol, who stunningly defeated him over the course of 12 rounds last year. Meanwhile, Joshua has been connected to a bout with American heavyweight Jermaine Franklin.