(Video) Boxing champion Derek Chisora spotted training tag-team boxing after KSI announced concept

YouTube sensation KSI has been shaking up the world of boxing lately with his groundbreaking concepts in the sport.

As part of his new influencer series with promotional banner Misfits, KSI has been headlining events and boxing against some big names in the industry. Now, he’s introducing a brand new format to boxing that’s sure to get fans excited – tag-team boxing. And it seems that professional boxer Derek Chisora is already getting in on the action.

Tag-team boxing is a format that’s more commonly seen in wrestling promotions such as WWE. But now, KSI is bringing this concept to the boxing ring with the first tag-team match set to take place at the next Misfits Boxing event, streamed on DAZN.

This format involves two boxers teaming up to take on another duo in the ring. While the exact rules of the format remain unclear, it’s sure to bring an exciting twist to the sport of boxing.

Chisora was recently spotted trialing this new concept with ex-Love Island star and Misfits regular Idris Virgo. Footage shows Virgo engaged in a fast-paced brawl with his rival before Chisora is tagged in by touching hands with “WAR” who’s located on the side of the canvas. Chisora then enters the ring, ready to take on Virgo.

It’s exciting to see a professional boxer like Chisora getting involved with KSI’s new concept. It’s clear that tag-team boxing is gaining traction in the industry and could become a popular format in the future. Especially considering how popular Pop-boxing is lately.

With Derek Chisora already getting involved, it’s clear that this format has potential to become a popular addition to the sport of pop boxing. Fans are excited to see how this new concept will play out at the next Misfits Boxing event and are eagerly awaiting more details on the rules and regulations.