Boxing champ: Mayweather messed up the game, in UFC a loss can make you even bigger

The long-anticipated clash between two lightweight titans, Devin Haney and Vasiliy Lomachenko, is set to captivate the boxing world in Las Vegas. Haney defends his undisputed world lightweight titles against the formidable Lomachenko, with the card scheduled for the early hours of Sunday morning, broadcast live on Sky Sports.

Expressing his confidence, Haney believes that Lomachenko could have faced him four years ago, asserting that it would have been an easier bout for the Ukrainian star at that time.

However, the time for their encounter has finally arrived, and Haney is prepared to make it a much more difficult night for his opponent.

Haney also made some very interesting comments regarding the UFC/MMA vs Boxing comparison.

“Like the UFC. Those guys fight each other, lose, fight, fight again. Still equally big may even be bigger after a loss look at Israel Adesanya he he lost and he came back one in nine, even bigger than he was before. But just because he lost in the end, he came back and proved his stuff so we could change the whole dynamic of it.”

“But we’re not Floyd. Kind of like, of course, Floyd made the boxing bigger and everything, but he kind of messed up the game with the undefeated record and Undefeated is everything. So guys don’t wanna fight each other they wanna keep the O.” – Haney told pivot podcast.

As an undefeated American champion, Haney aims to maintain his impressive record and solidify his status as the undisputed world lightweight champion.

Defending his titles against Lomachenko, who has dominated numerous top stars in the division, is undoubtedly Haney’s toughest test to date.

Lomachenko’s journey to a potential bout with Haney has faced obstacles, including his defeat to Teofimo Lopez and the ongoing war in Ukraine.

These factors have delayed the highly anticipated matchup, but they have only intensified the anticipation for the clash between these two exceptional boxers.