Boxer takes his opponent down during boxing fight

Boxing recently featured a bizarre situation when Daniel Baiz shot for a takedown against Ermal Hadribaej. Now if this was MMA this wouldn’t be note worthy – but this was a professional boxing match.

During the Global Legion FC 20 event on Saturday, Baiz seemed to forget what sports he’s currently competing in.

This short clip uploaded on the Fite TV Twitter account saw the fighter from the red corner sporting yellow trunks attempting a double leg takedown and slamming his opponent from the blue corner to the canvas.

He almost throws a ground and pound follow-ups when he realized he was in the wrong and his opponent look at him from the ground in confusion. The upset referee then immediately shouted to the fighter before pushing him away.

The scene gets more confusing when the cornermen cheered and clapped after the slamming took place.

Baiz (14-3-1 professional boxing record) was quickly waved off by the referee for utilizing the illegal tactic. Official result of the fight is still undecided.

Fight fans are reacting to the bizarre scene with various reactions in the Twitter reply section. One of them said that despite it being a beautiful takedown, there’s no reason for him to do that.

“Beautiful double leg takedown, but why the fk did he even do that for? Lol” wrote one Twitter user.

Another user jokingly questioned why the cornermen are clapping during the foul and got answered that they will also clap when that strange situation appears.

“Why did the guys on the side clap even tho its wrong lmfaaooo” the user wrote.

“If I went to a boxing event and saw a guy shoot a successful double leg, I too would clap” another replied.

Another Twitter user even suggest the former UFC champion, Tyron Woodley attempt it when he faced Jake Paul a while ago.

“Legit what Woodley should have done to Paul.” the user wrote.