Boxer Ryan Garcia offers ‘free BBL’s and boob jobs’ in latest unhinged post

Ryan Garcia’s unpredictable behavior on social media continues, as he offered to pay for br*ast implants and Brazilian b*tt lifts.

This announcement came hot on the heels of his public invitation to singer Billie Eilish for a date and a casting call seeking a ‘video vixen’ to play the role of a love interest for a special project.

Garcia’s message emphasized his intent to support women, clarifying that his offer was devoid of any ulterior motives. He stated, “I’m giving out free BBL’s and Boob jobs hit me up. No weird stuff just out here supporting. No disrespect either I respect all woman. I love and support all woman in the world.”

“I’m just getting a lot of request in my DM’s so I decided to go full support mode. Who with me. RG FOR PRESIDENT.”

He shared the same message along with Keyshia Cole’s song ‘Love’ on his Instagram account.

While Garcia’s upcoming boxing match against Devin Haney remains a focal point of his career, his recent online activities have raised concerns regarding his mental well-being. Despite his professional commitments, Garcia’s erratic behavior on social media has dominated headlines.

In addition to the promise to pay for implants, Garcia uploaded on Instagram in a matter of hours images of his father holding his kid, a video of him performing an original song while strumming a guitar, a training montage, and a compilation of photos with many ladies.

Concern for Garcia reached a height on March 3 with the release of a mysterious and unsettling video on his social media sites that allegedly showed him dead following a “throat slit.”

Over the following 72 hours, Garcia said he had proof of extraterrestrial life, that he was r*ped at the age of two by a family member, and that he had seen children being r*ped by ‘the elites’ after they were tied up at Bohemian Grove.

Garcia said he would stop his social media shenanigans and concentrate on training. However, he made controversial statements and targeted the brand and owners of Prime, Logan Paul and KSI.

He wrote: “What’s in Prime? Look it up,’ he told Aldin Ross. ‘There is cyanide in there, cyanide kills you. They don’t give a f*** about kids bro, they are f***ing sick f***s, bro.”

Haney and Garcia will compete for the WBC super lightweight championship. With a record of 24-1, Garcia most recently defeated Oscar Duarte. On the other hand, Haney is unbeaten at 31-0 and has recently defeated both Vasyl Lomachenko and Regis Prograis.