Boxer Ryan Garcia lobs satanic accusations at Logan Paul, KSI, and Mike Majlak in a new video

In recent weeks, the spotlight has been firmly fixed on boxing sensation Ryan Garcia. This is owing to his peculiar social media posts that have raised eyebrows.

In a recent Instagram video, Garcia launched a vehement rant leveling ‘satanic’ accusations against personalities like Logan Paul, KSI, and Mike Majlak. He expressed his disdain by saying: “So f**k all three of them. You guys are f**king sick bastards.”

Garcia contends in the clip that consuming ‘Prime’ (the drink produced by Paul and KSI) aligns one with Satan. He asserts, “anyone who drinks ‘Prime’ is working for Satan because you’re giving them money so they can keep creating this, you’re giving them power, it’s sick.”

He further criticizes the drink itself, claiming it contains “horrible chemicals” and tastes dreadful. Garcia states, “There’s horrible chemicals. Prime tastes like straight s**t. Prime tastes like straight s**t. Anyone who’s actually drank that, that s**t tastes like a*s.”

“They’re trying to spin that narrative proves that they’re working for Satan whether they know it or not.”

In the midst of a visible mental breakdown on social media, Garcia also talked against Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez. He disclosed to a reporter that he would have willingly faced David Benavidez, in stark contrast to Canelo’s rejection of him.

Ryan Garcia has maintained an undefeated professional career record after 23 match, captivating audiences with his remarkable hand speed and knockout power.

He is set to confront fellow American Devin Haney in pursuit of the WBC super lightweight belt on April 20. However, uncertainties loom over Garcia’s readiness for the bout against Haney.

In the whirlwind of Garcia’s recent social media rant, the boxing world is left to decipher the meaning behind his erratic behavior. As he gears up for the impending clash with Haney, the uncertainties surrounding his mental state and readiness for the match only add to the intrigue.