Boxer Ryan Garcia goes on another troubling conspiracy rant on Instagram Live

In an interesting Instagram Live session, renowned boxer Ryan Garcia went on a long rant. He made a lot of intriguing and sometimes alarming allegations.

This occurrence follows a sequence of concerning Twitter posts spanning the last seven days. This also includes a video falsely claiming his deaths, discussions about supernatural entities like demons and UFOs, and even dubbing Elon Musk as the anti-Christ.

Amidst the rant, Garcia declared his commitment to vocalizing his thoughts. He also talked about the importance of not overlooking critical issues.

Garcia said: “I’m not, I’m going to keep on being loud. If they don’t like it, so be it. I’m the one that is the one that needs to stop talking when there’s little kids really getting hurt. And I’ve already said this once, but no, there’s nothing crazy about me when I’m trying to save kids that are really getting hurt every day.”

“If you are really not standing up for that, you’re crazy. Little kids getting murdered, and then they disappear. So many disappearances. And I’m the only one screaming, help the children, the children are hurting.”

In a particularly startling revelation, Garcia asserted that thousands of children have gone missing at Disneyland.

Garcia vowed to expose wrongdoings, asserting his newfound freedom from any form of captivity. He continued: “I’m gonna start exposing everybody. I’m not being held hostage, I’m free now.”

Other topics he spoke were his astral projection experience, saying he’s “done it.” He also spent time explaining time travel, asserting that it operates on both a spiritual and physical level.

Garcia was joined in the video at one point by a woman he introduced as a friend. Then he gave the audience his word that he doesn’t do d**gs. This comes after his next opponent Devin Haney said that he had been using d**gs.

Garcia previously said: “I don’t do c**aine. I would do a live dr*g test [to prove it]. I drink and I smoke w*ed, and so has the majority of this room.”

One of the more unexpected subjects he discussed was his assertion that he had seen robes and diamonds while in the Vatican’s back chambers.

Despite requests to cancel the bout due to Garcia’s recent social media activities, the 25-year-old boxer is scheduled to face Haney on April 20.

Haney responded to Garcia’s recent rants on Twitter with a now-deleted tweet. The post read: “The fight is happening April 20th.. he’s just playing crazy to “sell it” which is weird because it’s people who are actually crazy out there but he’s just acting for attention”