Boxer Mauricio Lara admits to SPITTING at Josh Warrington ringside

Mauricio Lara admitted spitting at Josh Warrington during their Saturday night boxing bout in Nottingham. With a stunning left hook in the seventh round, Lara defeated Wood to win the WBA featherweight title.

The Mexican has already faced Warrington before. Lara won the first against Warrington at Wembley Arena in 2021. Their second was ruled a draw because the Mexican received an unintentional cut after a clash of heads.

There seems to be a lot of unfinished business there. When Lara spat in Warrington’s direction, an incident broke out.

Warrington said: “he looks over to me. He sees me. I actually thought he was looking over at times in between the fight. I got off my stole … the his head go forward, he spat on me. You know, I can have a little bit of pantomime – shouting and screaming – but somebody spitting on me? I’m not having it.”

“He seems to have got this thing over the last few years that since the second fight I disrespected his family, disrespected his dad and this, that, and the other.”

“I didn’t even know that his dad was part of his training team. But it’s got to the stage now that he wants to finish my career – I’m more than happy to let him have that opportunity.”

Lara admitted that he did, in fact, spit in Warrington’s direction. He told IFL TV: “Of course I did. It’s very, very personal between us. I want to retire him from boxing.”