Boxer Conor Benn trolled by Pizza company after blaming PED test failure on TOO MANY EGGS

Boxing champion Conor Benn had tested positive for clomiphene back in October. This created quite a stir with the fans considering he’s been a WBA Continental welterweight champion since 2018.

Not to mention that his duel with Chris Eubank Jr. was cancelled.

In a controversial decision by the World Boxing Council on Wednesday, Boxer Conor Benn has been restored to his position in the rankings after the organization suggested that Benn’s positive PED test may have been brought on by eating too many eggs.

Paddy Pimblett, Conor Benn and a number of other athletes were listed as clients at a Testosterone Replacement Clinc run by one Dr. Usman Sajjad. Sajjad claimed to have helped many combat sports professionals on his official web page – that is until his whole site was taken offline abruptly.

Following the revelation from WBC, Domino’s Pizza UK account made fun of Benn.

Conor Benn wasn’t too pleased and instead deflected saying that he prefers their competitor Pizza Hut.

The WBC acknowledged that the first of Benn’s failed tests for clomiphene gathered by the VADA in July might have been the result of a diet in which Benn was reportedly consuming up to 34 eggs a week. This decision that has caused controversy across the sport.

The WBC concluded that “there was no conclusive evidence that Mr Benn engaged in intentional or knowing ingestion of clomiphene.”

Several boxing figures have questioned the WBC investigation. Carl Frampton remarked, “People think youtube boxers are a joke. The WBC are the real joke.”