Boxer Anthony Joshua opens up on living with mom at the age of 34

Anthony Joshua is one of boxing’s most formidable punchers and top earners. But he has a surprising soft spot – he’s a devoted mama’s boy at heart.

As he gears up for his upcoming clash with ex-UFC champion Francis Ngannou in Saudi Arabia, a closer look at Joshua’s personal life reveals a touching side of the heavyweight champion.

Joshua is now in the final stages of preparation for his upcoming match. Despite his travels around the world for training camps, he continues to call his mother Yeta’s home his own.

Joshua opens up about his decision to stay close to home. He said in an interview with Good Morning Britain: “I still live with my mum. I realised that when I started training – which I do away from home a lot – that if I’m away for 10 months of the year and then when I get back I’ve got to do commercial work I realise that if I was to move out I’d never actually see my mum.”

He continues: “I’m away in various parts of the world for a lot of the time, but my actual base is at home with mum. So I can still wake up and see her and spend time with her when I can.”

Host Sussana Reid replied to Joshua’s remarks, saying: “That is so lovely. That is just like the tender heart of someone who is about to go into a ring and try and knock someone out!”

Joshua’s net worth soared to £150 million after earning over £10 million for his knockout victory over Otto Wallin. The upcoming match against Ngannou is expected to add a significant £40 million to his wealth. Ngannou earned only £440,000 in his previous UFC bout before leaving the company in January.

Joshua also reveals a softer side when it comes to his mother’s involvement in his matches. He admitted, “Sometimes she doesn’t show up, she stays behind and she prays a lot. She says she can’t really watch her son because she doesn’t enjoy it. It’s tough for her, of course, but she enjoys the fruits of her labour. I take care of my mum a lot, I love her dearly.”