Bojorquez scores Epic flying knee finish at Combate Global

MMA prospect Ovidio Bojorquez defeated his opponent in an astonishing way. The newcomer delivered a brutal flying knee that landed right on his opponent’s chin.

Ovidio Bojorquez recently had his 4th professional mixed martial arts outing at Combate Global. The Mexican competed at the promotion’s recent major event booked as Combate: Reina o Nada. The event was held last Saturday in Miami.

Bojorquez was featured in the co-main event with Matthew Colquhoun in a welterweight bout, who has more experience in cage fighting. However, Bojorquez turned out to be way better than Colquhoun. The 23-year-old only needed less than three minutes to finish Colquhoun.

Right at the 2:53 mark, Ovidio Bojorquez jumped and bent his knee to deliver a vicious flying knee. Bojorquez’s knee connected exactly on Colquhoun’s chin and instantly knocked him out. The Jamaican athlete was rendered fully unconscious and the match ended. The flying knee was executed perfectly resulting in such an epic display of their match.

With that victory, Ovidio Bojorquez marked his third victory out of his 4 professional matches. The young athlete went professional pretty recently in July of last year and won his debut via TKO. In his second outing, he competed at LFA against Ray Waters and suffered his one and only loss after receiving a combination of punches and lost via TKO.

Bojorquez had his third outing still in LFA and bounced back from his loss via a combination of knee and punches, winning his third outing before going against Matthew Colquhoun recently.

Meanwhile, Matthew Colquhoun has been around for a bit longer. The 28-year-old started his professional career in 2016. Colquhoun has a record consisting of 7 wins and 6 losses. Despite having many losses, Colquhoun is known for his vicious strike, having defeated 6 opponents via knockouts.