Bodybuilder offered 7-figures to face Mike Perry and prove he can handle himself

Renowned YouTuber and fitness influencer Bradley Martyn has been grabbing headlines in the world of Mixed Martial Arts. Unfortunately, not all the attention has been positive.

Martyn’s controversial remarks and bold claims about street smarts have drawn criticism from MMA fans

Initially, Bradley Martyn faced the wrath of fans when he dared to ask Nate Diaz if he could defeat Martyn on the streets. This audacious question stirred up quite a storm in the MMA community, but Martyn was not done yet.

More recently, Martyn received backlash for his statements about crushing Demetrious Johnson’s head.

Fellow YouTuber and boxer Jake Paul seized the opportunity to challenge Bradley Martyn. On the BS podcast, Paul made a lucrative offer of seven figures to Martyn to face one of former UFC stars.

“Mike Perry is already down, he said he’s gonna do it, you’re bigger than him. So this goes along with your whole size advantage theory. And you now have the opportunity to make seven figures, to fight Mike Perry, a massive name, and prove to the world, maybe prove me wrong.”

Bradley Martyn also received an offer from the MMA legend Demetrious Johnson. Initially, Brendan Schaub made an offer on Johnson’s behalf.

Subsequently, Demetrius Johnson called out Martyn on social media.

Despite facing potentially challenging opponents in Mike Perry and Demetrious Johnson, Bradley Martyn’s confidence appears unshaken. He even hinted at the possibility of defeating Khabib Nurmagomedov in ‘street wrestling.’

However, critics question if Martyn truly knows what he is getting himself into. Videos of the bodybuilder being ragdolled by a BJJ brown belt and the Nelk boys’ bodyguard have recently surfaced. It seems like Martyn is not yet well-equipped to compete against highly skilled competitors.