Sean O’Malley’s coach recounts grappling bodybuilder influencer who says he can beat MMA athletes

Bradley Martyn, the bodybuilder who recently garnered attention with his bold claims about his street martial arts prowess, found himself at the center of discussion in the combat sports world. Notably, Martyn asserted that he could triumph over MMA stars in various scenarios, sparking debates and skepticism.

After Nate Diaz expressed confidence in his ability to defeat Martyn in a street situation, the muscular figure extended his bravado further by asserting that he could easily dominate a flyweight. These assertions caught the attention of Sean O’Malley and his head coach Tim Welch, who addressed the matter on a recent podcast episode.

Welch recounted an incident involving Martyn where he attempted a submission hold, specifically a triangle. Martyn, who exuded self-assuredness due to his physical strength, believed he could effortlessly escape such a grappling move.

Amusingly recounting the situation, Welch shared, “Brad’s a funny guy. He’s a cool dude because I put him in a triangle, he let me put him in a triangle, I didn’t get the triangle. I’m like, this is where you think because, and I hooked under his leg to see if he could lift me, and he lifted me probably about this far off the ground and he was like, trying to explode and lift me and then I got it and then he’s like, ‘See I would have slammed you on your head’.”

Welch further clarified the reality of the situation, stating, “I’m like, Bro, you had me only about three inches off the ground. Like, you wouldn’t have slammed me on my head, and he’s like, ‘I would have dropped my knee on your face.’ I’m like maybe, maybe he could have dropped the knee on the face actually, but I’m like, ‘You better make sure that knee lands, because if it doesn’t land on my face, you’re going to fall over and then it’s done.’ But that big guy in a street fight, it would be hard to fight.”

However, Sean O’Malley highlighted an essential aspect that changes the dynamics in that kind of a scenario. While Martyn’s jiu-jitsu claims were met with amusement, O’Malley and Welch both acknowledged that Martyn’s size and athletic capabilities would indeed pose a significant challenge for anyone in a real-life altercation.

O’Malley expressed his perspective, stating, “I think people underestimate just how, I mean Jiu Jitsu is the best sport in the world but there’s a point where it’s like, if you’re super super small compared to that and cardio too, it’s like f*ck.”

Welch concurred, emphasizing the limitations of jiu-jitsu against a much larger opponent in an uncontrolled environment. “You’ve got to get lucky, I mean doing guard in a street fight, there’s a good chance you’re going to get your head bounced off the concrete a bunch of times.”