Body builder refuses to believe 125lbs MMA champ Demetrious Johnson could whoop his butt

Body builder and influencer Bradley Martyn caused quite a stir in the MMA community when he featured former UFC star Nate Diaz on his newly launched podcast, Raw Talk.

During the episode, Martyn took the opportunity to challenge Diaz to a sparring session, capturing the attention of MMA fans worldwide.

The 32-year-old YouTuber recently engaged in a spirited discussion with former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub.

In a viral video, Martyn confidently expressed disbelief that the ONE FC flyweight champion, Demetrious Johnson, could defeat him on the streets.

However, despite Martyn’s chiseled physique that leaves many in awe, the MMA community resoundingly places their trust in ‘Mighty Mouse’.

Meanwhile, jabs were taken at Brendan Schaub, with one fan jokingly implying that trouble arises when Schaub is the smartest person in the room.

Other reactions pointed out that Martyn needs significant ground training, as Johnson could bend him in ways he never thought possible. Some fans believed that Martyn’s muscular physique may be a disadvantage, attributing it to possible steroid use and suggesting that he would be easily defeated.

Martyn’s bold remarks did not go unnoticed by Logan Paul, whose brother Jake is preparing to face Nate Diaz in a highly anticipated boxing match next month.

Martyn’s claim that he could defeat Diaz led to a heated exchange of words between Martyn and Logan Paul.

“I have to say something about Bradley. I think you’re becoming lame. You seem like someone who’s just searching for clicks. You had Nate Diaz, who’s fighting my brother on August 5, on your podcast. In the same breath, you say, ‘I’m cool with Jake. I like Jake. I just hope you beat his ass.’ Why say that?” He continued:

“And the way you talk about street fighting Nate… Bro, you’re not going to beat Nate Diaz in a street fight… Bradley, you need to be humbled… I will invite you to Puerto Rico to spar with me and be humbled… I will f**king humble your a.”