Bobby Green KOs Grant Dawson in just 33s in UFC main event

Some critics have questioned whether lightweight fighter Bobby Green deserved the headline spot at UFC Vegas 80, along with his opponent Grant Dawson. However, we beg to differ.

Bobby Green entered this fight on the back of a victory over the legendary Tony Ferguson. His profile had been on the rise since his short-notice bout with Islam Makhachev in February 2022. Considering his recent successes and growing popularity among fans, Green was precisely where he belonged. As an Apex-card headliner, Green was a solid choice. If there was any room for criticism, it was the UFC’s decision to stick with the Apex venue, even as the world gradually returned to normal after the pandemic.

For Grant Dawson, this was his first opportunity to headline a UFC event. It was a trial run and a chance to secure a victory over a beloved fighter like Green.

However, it seems Dawson might want a do-over.

Green started the fight in his signature style, with his hands low, immediately pressing Dawson against the fence. Dawson attempted a big swing but missed, as both fighters cautiously gauged each other. In a matter of moments, Bobby Green turned Grant Dawson’s first-ever UFC main event into a memorable, albeit for the wrong reasons.

Green unleashed a lightning-fast straight left hand that sent Dawson crashing to the canvas. Dawson covered up defensively almost instantly, but even the referee seemed taken aback by the sudden turn of events. This left Green with an opportunity to land a few more strikes before the fight was mercifully called off. It was an astonishingly quick finish and a shocking defeat for Dawson, who had remained undefeated in the UFC until that point.

Official Result: Bobby Green defeats Grant Dawson by knockout (straight left), Round 1, 0:33

Bobby Green’s stunning performance in the UFC Vegas 80 headliner proved that he deserved his spot in the spotlight. This fight will undoubtedly be remembered as a highlight in his career and a testament to his striking prowess.