Blonde bombshell Ebanie Bridges explains what made her choose boxing over MMA

Reigning IBF bantamweight champion Ebanie Bridges recently addressed her choice of pursuing boxing over MMA in a candid Q&A session on Instagram.

As the IBF bantamweight champion since March of last year, Ebanie Bridges has established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the boxing world. While her accomplishments speak for themselves, Bridges recently took the opportunity to engage with her sizable 750,000+ Instagram followers.


During the Q&A session, Bridges candidly addressed a wide range of questions posed by her followers. Many questions focused on more conventional aspects of her training routine and boxing ambitions, such as what her least favorite aspect of training is and which boxing icon she’d most want to learn from.

Among the more unfiltered statements made by Bridges, her reasoning for choosing boxing over MMA stands out. She said she took up boxing instead of MMA due to her aversion to having her face subjected to knee strikes, elbows, or being uncomfortably close to “sweaty v**inas.”

Bridges stated:

As the Q&A session progressed, Bridges lightened the mood by engaging with a playful hypothetical scenario: the popular game of ‘F**k, Marry, Kill.’ She was asked to choose between boxing icons Anthony Joshua, Jaron Ennis, and UFC icon Conor McGregor.

In her witty response, Bridges expressed her inclination to marry Jaron Ennis due to his endearing personality and quiet nature. For Conor McGregor, she humorously stated her inclination to engage in a more intimate encounter. Lastly she playfully chose to ‘kill’ Anthony Joshua, citing their lack of personal acquaintance as the reason behind her decision.

Bridges replied: “Hahaha oh God. Y’all are killing me, what did I get myself into? Marry – Jarod Ennis (cos he is sweet and quiet). FK – Conor – he seems like fun [eyes emoji + laughing face emoji]. Kill – AJ cos I never met him lol soz mate.”