Blind amateur boxer prepares for debut – against an opponent that can see

A blind amateur boxer is getting ready for his first match against a fully sighted opponent. Thomas Seres has severe congenital glaucoma and is only able to see three feet in front of him.

However, Seres will compete in a charity boxing bout the following month.

He said: “Losing is not an option.”

Thomas uses a cane to get about. He also added:

“I’ve always wanted to box but didn’t think I could until I joined a boxing gym. I’ll give it my best in the fight — win, lose or draw. Boxing’s quite an up-close sport so that’s in my favour, but I’ll struggle seeing some of the punches coming in.”

Additionally, Thomas has a Level 2 boxing certification.

“I hope he doesn’t go easy on me for being blind. He’ll pay if he does. I have a knockout punch.”

To get as strong as possible, Thomas is now working out three days a week and weight lifting on the other days. He is competing to raise money to support Cancer Research UK.

Since he was born, Thomas has had more than 60 surgeries. He has to treat congenital glaucoma, a rare condition that impairs vision.

His mother Kelly Seres told the Barnsley Chronicle: “From when he was born we thought that something was wrong. He had his first operation at two weeks old and since then he’s had more than 60 and he has little vision.”

“He’s been going to The Combat Academy in Barugh Green for a few months and he’s always wanted to take part in an event. We lost his grandad to stomach cancer around three or four years ago and he was very close to him.”

“We had to wait for approval but we found out this week that he’d be able to fight – I’m so proud of him. He’s just hoping to raise as much money as possible.”