BKFC Scandal? Diego Sanchez’ opponent spotted greasing in incriminating video, Sanchez looking at legal options

BKFC  has drawn a lot of criticism in recent times.

The bout between Austin Trout and Diego Sanchez has gained considerable attention from it’s inception.

Sanchez is a season UFC veteran who holds the UFC record for most head strikes taken over the course of his 20 year long career.

Although Sanchez seemed to be on the defensive from the beginning of the bout, it was one-sided. Trout attacked him and ultimately won via doctor stoppage. After the match, Sanchez was understandably devastated by the loss. However, he made some outrageous claims against Trout. Sanchez shared a video of Trout being applied Vaseline in between rounds.

Sanchez wrote: “No one was rubbing Vaseline on my neck! When my strategy was to get to his neck, and throw uppercuts! I just came across this! First of all I didn’t get any Vaseline put on me! Secondly, I did feel that Vaseline all on his shoulder and his neck during the fight…”

Diego Sanchez said he would discuss taking action on the incident after talking with his lawyers.

Sanchez also wrote, “I took damage that might not have been necessary and safety of the fighters is 100% top priority I was told! These scars are for life. I pray in Jesus name that I will get justice for this blatant cheating caught on camera.”

And while many dismissed his comment due to the large number of conspiracies he’s endorsed over the years, there’s actual evidence of greasing at the event.

In the fall out from the event, BKFC was harshly criticized by UFC middleweight Sean Strickland. Strickland has been one of the rare voices that paid personal homage to another TUF 1 veteran, Stephan Bonnar and has been sort of an advocate for vetarans, in his own way.

Strickland’s communicational style resulted in plenty of unhinged exchanges with the official BKFC channel but his heart seems to be in the right spot and he would ultimately like to see Sanchez retire and stop taking damage.

However Sanchez wasn’t pleased about his advocacy.