BKFC Flasher Tai Emery set to have implants removed due to health concerns

Tai Emery made waves in 2022 for her bold antics at a bare knuckle event. Emery went mega viral after an impressive KO, culminating with a spontaneous flashing celebration.

She has recently revealed a significant life change. The 36-year-old, who garnered attention for flashing the crowd after a stunning victory over Rung-Arun Khunchai at BKFC: Thailand 3 last September, has recently announced the removal of her implants due to serious health issues.

Emery’s journey has taken a new turn, as she now focuses on her well-being.

In an impactful statement, Emery conveyed her transformation and health-related decision:

“I extend my gratitude to @kongjuclinic and their dedicated team for prompt medical attention.”


“Following my debut, I chose to invest my newfound resources where true wealth lies: in HEALTH, for ‘Health Is Wealth!’ Collaborating with medical expert @nikki__nurse__ involved extensive blood analysis, yet the answers remained elusive. Each discovery seemed to eliminate one potential cause of my persistent illness, leaving me with a frustrating lack of answers.”

BKFC Flasher: Tai Emery Through the Years

“Enduring subpar health conditions, exacerbated by the challenges of COVID, while training in Thailand’s Muay Thai gyms over the past 3-4 years, I faced parasitic infections, harmful bacteria, and compromised well-being. What seemed like minor health issues grew into significant impediments, stemming from the complications arising from my leaking implants.”

“My intent in sharing my journey and gathered insights is to raise awareness and prompt vigilance among individuals with breast implants regarding potential health risks.”

“Reflecting on the provided images, a few pivotal aspects come to light: • Years of manual labor ingrained a habit of carrying my mobile phone in my right pocket and tools in the left. • My background in professional sports, including football and diverse martial arts, exposed me to demanding physical environments. • The onset of unusual illnesses coincided with a compromised immune system.”

“Recent interactions with individuals who have undergone implant removal have revealed encouraging improvements in health.”

“I warmly encourage you to contribute your personal experiences or factual knowledge in the comments section. Let’s nurture an open and insightful dialogue to empower one another. Your understanding and support are greatly appreciated. 🙏🏼”

Considering Emery is determined to compete in combat sports, this was possibly a wise choice. We wish her well on her road to recovery.

Emery’s journey underscores the significance of prioritizing health and well-being, even in the face of fame and success. Her story serves as a reminder that open discussions can lead to valuable insights and foster a community of mutual support.