BJJ world champion Erberth Santos arrested following rape and robbery spree

2017 IBJJF BJJ world champion Erberth Santos has recently been apprehended in connection with a string of heinous offenses within his home country of Brazil.

Along with Andre Pessoa, he faces a slew of charges encompassing multiple instances of rape and robbery, all unfolding in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul.

Following their arrest in Boituva, Sao Paulo, both Santos and Pessoa admitted their involvement in the crimes. The police investigation reveals that the two r*ped at least four women and subjected then to horrifying acts.  At the time of their arrest, 26 mobile phones, knives, and firearms was discovered in their possession.

The current state of affairs finds both individuals in custody awaiting their impending trial. As of now, a specific court date has not been given.

This recent incident is not the first occasion where Santos has been associated with criminal episodes.

Prior to becoming a high profile competitor in jiu-jitsu, Santos stole motorcycles and had been repeatedly arrested for it.

Back in 2015 and 2017, the 29-year-old made headlines by assaulting his opponent during a BJJ match. This ignited brawls on both occasions.

In 2018, he allegedly kicked his competitor Tommy Langaker in the face before he was submitted at the IBJJF European Championship.

The year 2019 witnessed another glimpse of Santos’ tumultuous disposition. It was during a match with BJJ star Felipe Pena. Following an apparent knee injury during the match and facing a chorus of boos from the audience, Santos lunged into the crowd. The match was called off with Pena being given the victory.

Erberth Santos de Mesquita soared to prominence by winning the coveted title of super-heavyweight world champion at the prestigious 2017 IBJJF tournament. Regrettably, his legacy has now become intertwined with a series of disconcerting criminal activities. These have overshadowed his achievements in the realm of BJJ.

As the legal proceedings unfold, the combat sports community and the world at large will wait for justice.