BJ Penn refuses to concede after losing GOP nomination for Governor of Hawaii

BJ Penn put on a valiant political effort in his attempt to become the Governor of Hawaii but it wasn’t enough. The retired mixed martial artist had finished second in the primary behind former governor Duke Aiona.

Penn finished with 20% of the vote behind Aiona who had secured 55%. Penn was an outlier in the election but the results ring true to previous polls with Aiona coming out ahead despite the fact that Penn’s campaign had outraised him.

But despite the overwhelming loss Penn is not ready to concede and attributes the bad result to voting shenanigans.

There were rumblings that Penn would try and behave in this fashion ahead of the election. Ahead of the results he asked his supporters to document their voting process.

And even prior to voting he had an ‘alternative solution’ for the crooked election process.

How did BJ Penn come up with this idea for election security? It was suggested to him in his Instagram comments by former MMA pro Kaleo “The Pe rvert” Padilla.

During his campaign Penn presented no real platform and had a series of gaffes including claiming that Hawaii is landlocked, wanting Hawaii to be self reliant when it comes to food all the while having competitive prices as big box stores and claiming he wants to fire and everyone and lead none if effected governor.