Bisping Shreds Dillon Danis on Twitter

Dillon Danis was once again running his mouth on another MMA fighter. This time, he trash-talked and challenged retired fighter and former UFC champion Michael Bisping. The two had a heated exchange on social media and even agreed to meet up and have a “talk”.


This verbal altercation happened on twitter when Danis all of a sudden lashed out on Bisping. Danis said “you f*cked up @bisping not checking in with me when you come to NYC see you soon” on Twitter and started the online fight.


Not to be one upped by Danis, Michael Bisping responded to his tweet by straight-up challenging Danis to sort out their beef in real life. He dared Danis to show up at his place.


“Yeah, buddy? Come see me. I ain’t going nowhere. I’ll send the location any time you little shit stain. I shouldn’t have responded cos you’re just all talk, but please, I’m around if you wanna ‘talk’”


Completely ignoring Bisping’s invitation, Danis changes the flow of the topic by calling Bisping broke. “How’s the Royalton hotel you broke bum,” said Danis.


Michael Bisping responded to this by stating that he is richer than Danis and even brought up Conor McGregor. “hahaha broke? Made more money from commentary than you made from fighting. Give it a rest you little fucking dork and stop tweeting and deleting like your little mentor.”

To be fair Danis made a lot more money from being a member of McGregor’s entourage than Bisping made from his commentary career.

Bisping became middleweight UFC champion in 2016 and is currently a commentator. While he was a polarizing figure for the majority of his career he is beloved today. Meanwhile, Dillon Danis made his name on the bjj scene from there he became an MMA fighter in Bellator. However his career was sidelined when he was forced to have two knee reconstructions. Today he is better known for being a friend of Conor McGregor than for any martial art endeavor. Up to this point, there hasn’t been any continuation of this online verbal altercation.